Are you looking for a place to store your belongings? Whether it is for temporary storage in the midst of a move or a long-term fix for items taking up space around your house, let our team of friendly knowledgable staff meet your needs. 


EASY AS 1-2-3

1. We Deliver
2. You Load
3. We Pick Back Up

Let Us Serve You.

Our desire at Store Safe Storage is to make your move, transition, or reorganization as pain-free as possible. Our facilities are clean, well staffed, fully fenced, and under 24-hour surveillance.

As a tenant, at either location, not only do we want to make your experience easy, but we want you and your belongings safe. Both facilities are well lit and electronically secured. 

Worried about choosing the right sized unit? Come by or give us a call. Let our knowledgable staff help ease your mind.

storage options

Climate Controlled Storage
Non-climate Controlled Storage
Covered RV/ Boat Storage
Uncovered RV/ Boat Storage
Portable storage

Please call for availability


Climate Control

5×10′ – $89.00

10×10′ – $135.00

10×15′ – $175.00

10×20′ – $230.00

10×25′ – $275.00

15×15′ -$247.00

15×20′ -$330.00

Non-Climate Control

5×10′ – $79.00

10×10′ – $105.00

10×15′ – $139.00

10×20′ – $190.00


Covered RV w/ Elec. – $225.00

Covered Boat w/ Elec. – $110.00

Asphalt Parking – $80.00

Gravel Parking – $75.00